Foundation Course in Tax

Foundation Course in Tax
  • Introduction

This Programme is a non-academic short course that has been designed with the aim of promoting and advancing tax knowledge for all members of the public who are not tax practitioners. This course will promote general understanding on tax issues in order to achieve the goal where everyone can speak the tax language comfortably and with understanding.

The course intends to:

  1. Gain general knowledge of taxation definitions, its principles and various tax obligations
  2.  Have basic understanding of Tax laws and their administration
  3. Enable participants understand the basic concept of iTax system its functions and be able to file their individual returns effectively in the iTax system
  4. Familiarize themselves with tax terminologies and guide taxpayers appropriately

Certificate in any field + computer literacy.

  • Introduction to Taxation
  • Overview of Income Tax
  • Overview of Excise Duty
  • Overview of VAT
  • Overview of iTax

There will be an assessment upon completion of each Module in the course. The pass mark is 60% to progress to the next module. Failure to achieve this score will result to a retake of the assessment







2 Weeks

25th May

7th June

10 Hours per week

Blended online learning

· Self learning

· Live facilitator sessions

Certificate of Merit