Cargo scanners help KRA net Ksh1.2 billion since January

Cargo scanning at the Port of Mombasa has, since the beginning of the year, enabled KRA to recover an estimated

Ksh1.2 billion in taxes from concealed cargo. The extra tax was collected from importers after 120 containers were intercepted when scanned images showed they were either loaded with concealed or misdeclared goods.

The intercepted cargo was subjected to 100 per cent verification in the presence of relevant government agencies, including KEBS, KEPHIS, KPA and the police, who confirmed the concealments. The importers were then compelled to pay the stipulated taxes.According to the KRA Scanning Unit, more than 126,000 containers, including imports and exports, have been scanned at the port in the last eight months. The concealed goods included garments, shoes, vehicles, electrical appliances, power cables and other high-value items declared as low-taxed household goods such as furniture and personal effects.